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Learn English Online

We teach kids 4 to 12 years old in a fun and interactive way!

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did."  — Sara Caldwell

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Very serious, honest, and excellent teachers. They have a major positive impact on the child’s psyche and character formation.


I love how interactive the Absolute Beginner class my son had. My 3 yr old did not just watch someone teaching online. He sang with his teacher, had conversations with her, and even wrote letters on the screen during the class. Teacher Ali would always find ways to make sure she gets my son’s attention all the time. Keep it up!  💯


Thank you teacher Gil! You really caught my son’s attention, and he enjoyed it so much! 👍 highly recommended .

What sets us apart from

other companies?

Teaching English

Non-native English Teachers


Our teachers learned English secondary to their native tongue. This means they have much more understanding of the right approach to how non- native learners study English best.


Filipinos also have proper intonation, neutral accent, standard pronunciation, and in-depth knowledge of grammar structures, which makes them the best teachers.

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Learn with Fun

Let us take you to a virtual playground designed for interactive education that guarantees a fun and enjoyable experience, proven to improve retention and comprehension.

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Filipino teachers are culturally passionate and patient. They are dedicated to their calling and take pride in seeing students succeed in their quest to learn English. For them, seeing their learners improve every day is their ultimate goal.

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Why Hello Marhaba?

Online Class


With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, most of the teachers have lost their job especially in the private sector in the Philippines.

Parallel to this chaos lies the opportunity to teach home-quarantined local children in Saudi Arabia, where Edneil (one of the founders) was working when the crisis strikes.

Hello Marhaba previously connects local Saudi kids to the best English teachers from the Philippines. Now we have expanded across Europe! What better way to spend the quarantine days at home than to teach your children some vocabulary, stories, and songs that they will surely love! 



We use a 3rd-party online teaching platform called  Classin that looks like a digital classroom, and can be accessed via mobile app or desktop app. Instead of Youtube, your children can actually talk to a smart, funny, and real teacher on the other side of the screen.

This platform provides an advanced learning environment designed to facilitate face-to-face interaction via live video, interactive blackboard, and collaborative documents.

The shared digital blackboard allows students and teachers to conduct in-class discussions, quizzes, team presentations, and much more with slide shows, Word and PDF files, and multiple audio and video types supported on the platform.

Hello Marhaba

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